Whale Tails Chips was founded as a result of the founder's, Ric and Rick's, love and constant connection with the ocean. Growing up in Southern California, it was easy to spend endless hours at the beach where they ended up being avid surfers. A surfing adventure to the pristine Hawaiian Islands introduced them to their legendary gourmet “Red Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt” being used on roasted corn at a local gathering. In selecting a flavor for the original flavor of Whale Tails Chips, they knew that they wanted to use Alaea. It is sun dried, lower in sodium, high in trace minerals and has a great Earthy flavor. Ric and Rick have been asked “why a whale tail shape for your chip?” To that question they answer “Nature has always offered the most functional designs. The same shape that allows whales, weighing over a ton, to move through the water is also a natural shape for loading up a couple of scoops of grilled pineapple / mango salsa or perhaps a mound of fresh guacamole.” In addition to all natural ingredients the unique shape for an organic tortilla chip is a reminder that Whale Tails Chips is actively involved in worldwide marine conservation and educational programs. Retailers and consumers seem to agree that, even in the chip aisle of a grocery store, we all have an opportunity to make a meaningful choice toward a healthier planet. Visit