Versant International Inc. (otcqb:VINTB), a diversified financial holding company focusing on investments in environmentally responsible, profitable and growing companies, announced today that one of its subsidiaries, Grocers Direct LLC., has a new partnership with Whale Tails Tortilla Chips.

In 2006 Ric and Terry Kraszewski started Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, a premium brand of organic tortilla chips that are shaped like a whale’s tail, an idea grown from their Southern California roots and their deep connection to the ocean. This kosher product is made from Non-GMO corn, and is gluten-free, low in sodium with zero trans fat and no preservatives. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, which come in three unique flavors, and two convenient sizes, works closely with the Wyland Foundation, the creator of the unique artwork for its bags. Whale Tails Tortilla Chips donates 10% of its profits to this charitable organization, which helps children and families around the nation rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education, and live events. The bags used in packaging Whale Tails chips are also completely degradable, regardless of how they are disposed.

Glen Carnes, CEO of Versant International, stated, “Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is a perfect fit for the Grocers Direct portfolio, which has a specific focus on those companies that adhere to the highest standards of quality, as well as economic and environmental responsibility.”

In recent years, U.S. retail sales of natural and organic foods and beverages have far outpaced that of conventional groceries. According to market research publisher Packaged Facts, the natural and organic food market is expected to reach nearly $80 billion by 2015, with demand for gluten-free products projected to grow at a 25% CAGR through 2015.